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Published 1 year ago with 9 Comments

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  • 3rdWheel

    Well. The song definitely pretends like it knows it’s audience. To me, though, this song is gatekeeping at its worst, pandering at best.

    • Appaloosa

      Why do you say that?

      • 3rdWheel

        It paints broad strokes in a very tired cliché of “geeks are cool now,”and drops some very big names (Magic), some of which aren’t exclusive to “geekdom” (Nyan Cat, Aquaman pajamas).

        The entire second verse is gatekeeping because the lyrics are proving the singer’s “pedigree” of being a nerd and anyone who does it is “copping her style.” Finally. there’s on on-the-nose role reversal line in there, but falls flat because now she’s the bully by shaming them for being “fit and tan” because they’re just a “tool.”

        So the song ultimately feels like a blatant cash/attention grab by writing lyrics that appeal to the lowest common denominator while at the same time being guilty of the behavior they were subjected to when they were ostrcized.

        • Appaloosa (edited 1 year ago)

          And your dislike is what? By the way. I notice someone is downvoting you. This is wrong.

          • 3rdWheel

            I don’t understand. What are you asking? My dislike is....useless? Unwanted?

            • Appaloosa

              No, It is my misunderstanding of you. I saw the song as somewhat of a surrealistic change in life for me, so I was wandering past the money making part of the journey, as I try to do, and stopped to smell the flowers. Not kidding, and no bullshit, I really do stop and smell the flowers when I can.

            • 3rdWheel
              @Appaloosa -

              I’ve noticed a lot of the high level users really like to talk in metaphors. Is this an inside thing I’m not privy to?

            • Appaloosa (edited 12 months ago)
              @3rdWheel -

              High level users...lol...had to chuckle at that one. I think you may be right, lots of that and allegories too, which may be closer. A lot of those may have come from a more direct, maybe even hostile environment, and make no mistake, present company excluded, they really are quite clever at getting a point across. The counter arguments may be oblique, that is true...and even sometimes so oblique that it is unique to the poster, where nobody gets WTF they are talking about! It takes some time to get into the grove. It's not every ones cup of tea, and I don't think it's snobbish, it's just trying to find a place that doesn't eviscerate another point of view. Keep in mind, it is NOT a hive mind here. The only hive mind aspect is civility, and respect....oh and yeah, maybe you have to have a thick skin too. The barbs tossed are not sledgehammers, but they have the same force if you have the acceptance of yourself and the introspection to be wrong.

    • PR0PH37

      Few weeks ago I had a woman tell me that she was glad that the clicks were gone, and that kids were becoming more and more homogenized and inclusive. She said that she was just that lonely geek in High School, and I told her that so was I. I told her that I realized that I had a freedom that no one else had, and therefore I could do, be and say whatever I wanted without the baggage of whatever the click was. It shaped who I was and gave me confidence to pursue what I wanted and be who I wanted. She looked at me like she couldn't believe such a thing had happened. I hear "The Guild", and I think "so you finally got to be what you wanted, and that was validation from all those people who shunned you". Sorry, but maybe I'm an old school geek who isn't really interesting in "being cool", and grew up.

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