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Published 1 year ago with 4 Comments

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  • NinjaKlaus

    This helps to explain why Netflix seems to have less and less of the content I want on it these days, now that it competes with the cable companies, which own the studios, that means they no longer want to give good deals or any kind of deal on stuff to Netflix, that means Netflix's budget keeps climbing while the amount of content decreases, eventually this will end up just like cable going from a low cost no commercial alternative to antenna tv and turning into a higher priced thing.

    • drunkenninja

      I have a feeling if they make it shitty, competition will definitely sprout up very quickly. Lets just hope we have net neutrality when it does happen.

      • NinjaKlaus

        We already see it happening, Amazon joined with Amazon Prime and then Hulu changed models to be more like Netflix, Hulu took it one step further by working and creating a live streaming cable alternative. Then you have the networks themselves planning for a streaming model future with CBS All Acess, HBO Go, Showtime Go, FXNow, etc. The problem is the competition is going to be the old guard in app form from the looks of it.

        I think we are seeing the long con now, networks are creating streamers to say look we care, ATT made a good price DTV Now, Sling and PSVue are there, they also have their own streamers and apps popping up, they are positioning themselves as the future while hoping to keep the past up and running long enough to see prices in the new world climb to "acceptable" levels. Let's not forget they now own the majority of the internet providers and heavily lobbied for the death of net neutrality all while claiming they supported it.

  • Gozzin

    The reign of cable television is officially over. The largest cable-TV providers in the US now have fewer combined subscribers than the streaming service Netflix.

    It is,but once they kill net neutrality,they will control the net like they did cable tv and persistently price gouge everyone.

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