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Published 3 years ago with 6 Comments
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  • SuperCyan

    One constant complaint about Linux has been "There aren't any games!" That was never true.

    With more than a 1,000 Steam games available for Linux, let's hear no more about Linux not having games!

    I'm a Linux person, and even though it has a lot more compatible games than it used to, Linux is still far behind Windows in library. Right now, there's 6,400 titles on Steam, and 1,500 for Linux. It's an immensely larger selection than it has been in the past, but 77% of Steam still isn't runnable (as in, click "play" and go without running through WINE) on any Linux distro. 23% compatibility is no where near close enough to say "No more 'Linux doesn't have games!'"

    I have no idea why the author kept parroting that multiple times, because it just felt shoehorned in. If the article lost those lines, it wouldn't matter, because they didn't have anything to do with Steam Machines. Sure, they could have said something about SteamOS supporting over 1,500 games, but to brag about such a small compatibility base is just misleading.

    I'll just be happy when I finally stop hearing about how Linux doesn't have games.

    Until you can safely bet that any new game coming out will be supported on Linux, and actually end up being right, you're still going to hear about it.

  • Gozzin (edited 3 years ago)

    I plan to get one when my main machine dies and I'll put the distro of my choice on it and away we go! My 2and machine is a Revo and you can no longer get the specs on them you once could,. But since using the Revo (which is gradually sinking into the sunset), I tend to like smaller Linux boxes.

  • csilk

    I'd love to get something like this but they still won't announce pricing / availability for Australia

    • sjvn

      FWIW, I'm told they'll start selling there in the first quarter of 2016.

      • csilk

        That's awesome, cheers

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