• lustig

    I can see where you're coming from, but there's also a much larger degree of risk involved in being behind the wheel of a car and in control. As I said in another comment "The world health organization claims that approximately 1.24 million road traffic related deaths occur every year, with between 20 to 50 million more people suffering non-fatal injuries". And it's not like, in being behind the wheel and in control of the car, you're the only one who's at a higher risk. It puts other road users in more danger too. Is it fair to have more people die or become injured so that some people can enjoy the romance of being behind the wheel of a car? I think one fairer solution is to have tracks or designated zones for manual driving. Like take a nice stretch of road along the coast and put it aside for manual use, for example; let people drive manually and enjoy the scenery and the feeling of being in control of their car. That way, everyone who uses that dedicated zone has accepted the risks and some poor sod who wants to be as safe as possible in their self driving car doesn't get wiped out by user error in the name of preserving the romance of manual driving.