• blitzen

    Oh dear. Where to start…

    forcing its customers to buy expensive, second-rate technology.

    At which point can I expect the Apple police at my door, forcibly taking my credit card and purchasing EarPods?

    All those pricey Apple Beats earpods and headphones you’ve bought recently? They’re all old junk on their way to obsolescence.

    At which point will they stop working?

    What magic? I don’t expect good audio from Apple products, but the AirPods’ sound quality is far worse than Apple’s already “meh” earpods. If you really want to listen to music from your iPhone 6 or earlier, bite the bullet and shell out $250 for the Bose QuietComfort 20.

    Nothing says I'm a discriminating audiophile like citing Bose noise-cancelling headphones.

    whenever you add another link to an audio connection, the quality goes downhill.

    Ha! An additional digital connection placed between the device and the analog headphones is not going to decrease quality. This must be the same guy who buys gold plated HDMI cables.