• Maternitus (edited 2 months ago)

    On Mastodon people are disagreeing, simply because the article in question doesn't tell about the target, there's only one single source and the researcher is not named. One of the responses to that post is pretty valid, namely the toothbrushes' brands are not mentioned and it seems rather impossible that toothbrushes have wifi, most of them have bluetooth (pun not intended) and are only connected to a phone. In order to use that phone, you have to hack that phone also. It's not that easy as presented. The article that was linked as source of the news was behind a paywall, so I have tried to undo it. Here's the link. To me it's more fearmongering than reality.

    That being said, I think it's always smart to check the safety of your equipment, whether it's a toothbrush or a system critical computer. Like with operating systems, people tend to just use it, consume it, without questioning the safety of all that stuff. Putting your trust in companies is never a wise idea, since they have just one main goal: a profitable bottomline.

    Edit: the botnet with toothbrushes story was merely an illustration and not a fact, see this Mastodon-post. Also on YouTube someone has some really well argumented comments on this story.