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Published 4 years ago with 13 Comments

One-Minute Time Machine

One-Minute Time Machine is a short film directed by Devon Avery. It’s a story about a guy trying to get a girl with the assistance of his one-minute time machine box. Going back one minute at a time so you can fix all your mistakes, like a ctrl-Z for life.


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  • wheels29

    The best part about this is that this is how time travel would actually work.

    • ressmox (edited 4 years ago)

      We can never underestimate humanity's determination to use every available tool for the sole purpose of getting laid.

      Edit: I just realized I probably misunderstood your response. Were you referring to the scientific explanation provided in the video?

      • wheels29

        I was referring to the scientific explanation, but you are definitely right about using it almost exclusively to get laid.

        • ressmox

          Ah, yea, scientifically I'd honestly be really surprised if it was feasible just based on the paradoxes. I don't know enough about the multiverse theory to say whether or not it's possible though.

      • Yeti89

        I came to the same conclusion. Time travel = infinite attempts to get laid.

  • ClarkKent

    I'm a sucker for time travel and all aspects of it. Sometimes I wish you could just fly around the world and reverse time... But its impossible and impractical....

    • caelreth

      Chin up, Clark. Maybe one day your wish will come true.

    • DunkEgg

      You just need the rigth motivation

  • Boudicca

    Thanks for posting. That was a short and sweet vignette of deliciousness.

  • radixius

    Kind of reminds me of Bryan Lee O'Malley's graphic novel "Seconds" a bit. Really interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing it!

    • scheissemineli

      Did not know that comic! Will check it out, looks pretty good, thanks!

  • douglas77

    Clever. Evil, even. Thanks for posting it!

  • xelim

    Hmm don't you keep the time travel machine if you travel back in time with it? Wouldn't both of them have the machine when she pressed the button?

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