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Published 2 years ago by sauce with 4 Comments

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  • AnitaClark

    Can you imagine a FB where the only annoying thing was just the consumers? Say it ain't so Zuck!

  • Maternitus (edited 2 years ago)

    That's what I said about Facebook, nearly five months ago: I don't need you. And deactivated my account. In the month after that, the amount of visitors on my personal site doubled and when I talk to people in my workshop (and tell them they won't find me on Facebook), they take me way more serious.

    Last year (September) at my exhibition here in town a family friend, a CFO of a big shipbuilding company, told me simply my PR was wrong and hinted at Facebook. At first I thought she was kidding, but oh no, she was damn right. Facebook is definitely done in this household. Besides being taken more serious, my mental state has improved from a constant near depression to a somewhat free mind again. Maybe it's personal, but I think that Facebook is poisonous in a lot of ways.

    Totally recommend every entrepreneur and artist to abandon that totalitarian excuse of a website. :-)

    • StarFlower

      I agree and actually I've never had a Facebook account. Most people aren't all on the same social media anyhow, so generally invitations to events IRL or on Zoom are sent via text message or email. I think Facebook needs people more than people need Facebook. I love the extra free time I have and the feeling of happiness I get knowing that I'm not bogged down by all that stuff on Facebook.

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