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Published 3 months ago by sasky with 3 Comments

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  • NinjaKlaus

    On one hand it is a private school where you sign a code of conduct contract with them to enroll your children, especially a Catholic school where you agree to uphold and represent the morals of the Church, yeah yeah pedophilia aside, that's the agreement you sign.

    On the other hand its screwed up to punish the children because of their parents, it's even more wrong to not then expel the children of the man who found her page, because he too was violating the morals clause, as well the children of the women who sent the pictures to the principal and Bishop.

  • StarFlower

    100% agree with NinjaKlaus who said it so well. The whole situation has SUCH a bad double standard. The first thought I had was, ok, how did this get found out? I read the article and it turned out that one of the dads saw the stuff online, and I agree with NinaKlaus that if they are expelling the kids of the woman on OnlyFans (and the kids didn't do anything wrong!), then they should DEFINITELY be expelling the kids of the man who found it. It's not like the man would have accidentally stumbled upon it while researching how to fix the dishwasher or whatever.

    This whole thing is so much a double standard, and I hate it that the mom has to defend herself while apparently no-one is asking questions of the dad who found the material. Sure, if the school is private and has special code of ethics, fine, but the kids didn't do anything wrong, and if they do still want to punish the parents by expelling the kids, then the dad who found it should be punished too. Frankly, I wouldn't want to send my kids to a school where such a double standard is viewed as OK, where the mom has to defend herself but the guy who found it doesn't. I understand having a strict code of ethics, fine, but in that case apply it equally across the board. That said, we don't know all the details - maybe the school took action against him too, but in any case they didn't mention it one way or another in the article.

  • kxh

    The school should've been glad she wasn't gay or a pedophile.

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