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Published 8 years ago by rti9 with 3 Comments

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  • Appaloosa

    These are all very dramatic shifts in society. It may be be several decades before the full implications are worked out.

    • Xcalibr

      I'm far from an expert, but aside from costs of living, the driving factor might just be younger people have been indoctrinated into a "school/college/work" pipeline. This path might discourage/postpone career exploration and hinder kids from figuring out what want to do. As such, young people stay with their parents as a sort of buffer while they formulate a more concrete life/occupational goal. Nothing wrong with younger generation; just the best coping strategy for a system that tries too hard to be one size fits all.

      • Appaloosa

        I must know you, because I have had this very same discussion!

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