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Published 3 years ago with 6 Comments

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  • septimine

    I think my biggest issue with PC is that it's so focused on symbols that it prevents progress. It goes after people for the words,and imo that creates a false sense of success. If not being racist is avoiding obvious actions and words, then so long as I hire a few token blacks and don't call them niggers , I'm good. I'm not racist, and thus I don't have to do anything else.

    And at the same time it divides people by making talking dangerous. If I say the wrong thing, I get harassed, even if I make a bad choice of words. If I say fag, even if I don't mean it in the way you take it, Im not anything.

    But what's worse, calling someone a fag, but treating him as a human being with dignity, or calling someone a gay and treating the person like dirt?

  • Fuyu

    The problem is being "politically correct" has gone past "treating people with respect." Of course, there is a level of people dismissing legitimate issues, but in some cases being "politically correct" is flat out lying. I'll take the mentally disabled for example. We went from accurate words like "disabled," "handicapped," even "retarded" to "special" and now to "gifted." We call them the opposite of what they are, which doesn't help them, and it certainly doesn't help the truly gifted kids that are now getting lumped in with the opposite end of the scale. Then also, you can't call a black person "black;" you have to call them "African American" even if they're from Europe. And there are plenty of white guys that have recent heritage in Africa too.

    • AdelleChattre

      We went from accurate words like "disabled," "handicapped," even "retarded" to "special" and now to "gifted."

      Sez who?

      Then also, you can't call a black person "black;" you have to call them "African American" even if they're from Europe.

      Sez who?

      • redalastor

        Says one crazy person somewhere so it obviously validates all of my prejudices.

        That's how it works on the net; find a bona fides straw man and you can ignore all the crops.

        • AdelleChattre

          “‘Correctness’ for me, but none for thee,” is how it goes, apparently.

  • nauthas

    I think there are variations of political correctness. Sure there are some which is simply treating people with respect, and I think people should adhere to that, I do take worry when some censor others in the name of "political correctness". Let's not conflate all types of PC into one. I for one, think that you should treat people how they want to be (is that really hard?), but let's not mix that type of, I suppose, Political correctness with the type of PC that fuels the black lives movement to attack Bernie Sanders.

    We get too caught up on words and forget about intentions sometimes that's an issue here too. What I'm trying to say Is I'm fine with people being politically correct, I'm not so fine with it when people attack others for not adhering to there own idea of political correctness, and censoring stuff that goes against that.

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