• NinjaKlaus

    Valve's so called monopoly has saved me money with the regular holiday sales, time by not needing to find a disk or hunt down a no-cd patch, and it was great not needing 50 different stores. These days I now have Bethesda, Gog, Ubisoft, EA Play, Xbox/Microsoft, Blizzard, Paradox, Social Club, Epic, and Steam stores or launchers. It's absurd and intrusive how things are now, my opinion.

    I think steam was more like Netflix than a monopoly, it was just the best most convenient place to get things when there happened to be no competition. Today this lawsuit almost has to fail because of all the other stores that are out.

    I hated Steam when it came out, I still have a slight hatred for it, but I will never like this new system of a launcher/store for every game. I miss the days of installing a game with serial codes.