• ivangro

    Off to Russia he will go

    • NinjaKlaus

      He won't make it there most likely, there are guards stationed outside the embassy ready to arrest him for skipping bail in England, the US has supposedly filed or plans to immediately file to extradite him to the US under the Espionage Act. The UK is unwilling to confirm or deny they plan to extradite him seems like a red flag they are. It would take a miracle to get him to Russia and that's if Russia wanted him, I doubt it because he's basically scorched earth at this point. Plus, it would probably require a black ops extraction for Russia to get a helicopter into and out of UK airspace without a war breaking out, much easier to just remove him from the equation than let him talk if he knows anything.

      • AdelleChattre (edited 4 years ago)

        I like how you've got Russian helicopter gunships staging an extraction raid in Knightsbridge out of a throwaway Red baiting comment by a Clinton dead-ender. That's almost as rich as someone knowing the truth any time, anywhere in world, is a crime in the U.S. punishable like this. The law is supposed to be our wisdom, not our wrath.

    • AdelleChattre

      Was the mean man mean? Was the truth an attack by a hated, ancient enemy? Has your 'resolve' been tested?