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Published 3 years ago with 3 Comments

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  • Autumnal

    Fascinating and horrifying, nobody should be forced to eat like that.

  • ChristianBale

    Aramark is also in charge of the food for my university and (while obviously not even close to the poor quality these prisoners received) the food here is pretty terrible. Beyond being a bit flavorless and repetitive some of the options (vegetarian in particular) are really poorly handled and other items fluctuate in quality wildly depending on the week. We've also had numerous cases of health code violations that culminated in dining halls getting shut down to rectify them as well as other nasty and unnecessary things (like meat not kept at a safe temperature, rat droppings found in cooking areas, etc.). And the strangest part is that the quality is so inconsistent between locations; Aramark also supplies food to our Business School and they're supposed to have very good food. Washington University also uses Aramark and is supposed to have some of the best dining hall meals in the country.

    I'm not a fan of privatization but it seems that many of the issues here are more a result of a very incompetent and poorly-run company being contracted. But then the question is: why doesn't Michigan's ass-backwards legislature do something about these human rights violations?

  • alizure

    The food is horrible and most of food offered to schools and jails lack sufficient nutrition. Basically DOG food would be more nutritious than the crap they are making kids and prisoners eat. Should prisoners have steak? no, but everyone needs nutritious food.. even them.

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