• NinjaKlaus

    $400 for a digital only console is still too much, IMO, I think even Xbox with the Xbox One S Digital had to drop the price under 200 to get it adopted, then shortly after dropped the Xbox One S with BluRay to 200 making me wonder if the Digital was a complete flop.

    Digital is billed as the cheaper budget friendly option by both MSFT and Sony but in the long run for poorer people that will be drawn to these supposedly cheaper consoles that won't end up being the case. Digital games almost never come down in value, where Gamestop while nearing bankruptcy can still offer better deals on disks. Let's take Red Dead Redemption for Xbox 360/PS3 as an example, Digital price for the game is $30 on Xbox Marketplace, but I can get it for 9.99 used at Gamestop and it will be the Game of the Year Edition including the DLC, which I'd have to buy separate from Xbox Marketplace for an additional $10. But NinjaKlaus why did you use a X360 game as your example, simple because it's so much older than Xbox One games it shows that the digital price is just insane, at least for this commenter. Of course with the caveat that Gamestop cuts out the publisher and Microsoft from the profit and digital can't do that.

    Oh and I didn't mean to comment all about Xbox but it's the only example I have right now with a digital only console.