• LisMan

    It's been four years since I've flown anywhere. When did these changes come into effect? Does any airline still use back-to-front boarding? As for me, I'm just a little guy, so the cramped seats don't bother me too much. I like to take the last row. Not being able to recline in exchange for nobody kicking my back is good. Being able to board first is (was?) a bonus.

    • ttubravesrock

      If it works for you, I'm happy with that. Personally I would prefer if the plane started the takeoff process the moment I sit down. I really don't enjoy sitting down and having to wait 20-40 minutes for the rest of the passengers to board. I'd rather be in the airport than in the airplane. I don't enjoy sitting for 4-6 straight hours while we're flying. I would almost prefer they pack us in horizontal cubbies at this point. Over the past 15 years, my shoulders haven't gotten any wider but the seats have certainly gotten narrower.