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Published 7 years ago by preacherjesse with 4 Comments

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  • MrsBean (edited 6 years ago)

    Alternative story idea: "How people in any country prefer MEN NOT to dress in public."

    I for one would start with

    1) low hanging pants showing half or all of butt

    2) speedos/bikini bottoms/banana hammock on public beach/pool/anywhere)

    3) flip flops or crocs

    4) harem pants

    5) these

    • drunkenninja (edited 6 years ago)

      I wouldn't be caught dead wearing anything you listed, except for the flip flops... especially during the summer, and obviously a bit more stylish than just the rubber ones.

      • MrsBean

        Yeah I tend to flip flop on the flip flop issue, (my husband looks rather OK in them in my opinion) it depends on style and condition of feet and that applies to anyone. :) Living in a vacation town I see things no human should ever be subjected to seeing hence my current distaste for all items I listed. :)

  • Gozzin

    How men want women to dress in public. Fixed it for them.

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