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Published 3 years ago with 8 Comments
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  • babymeta1

    Stop using Google products. They're our "Big Brother" of this day and age.

    • shadow1515

      This whole google photos thing is actually what caused me to ditch Drive in favor of Dropbox. When they launched the photos thing, it immediately re-copied every photo I already had on Drive, filling my storage space overnight. Then I had to jump through hoops to finally get the copies deleted and get my space back. Then I cancelled drive and just re-synced it to dropbox because fuck that. At the same time I was looking for a music service, and ended up going with Spotify instead of Play even though I like Play's interface better just because of the sour taste the shitty photo sync left in my mouth.

  • RedditExodus

    The first time I realised Google Photos uploaded my images automatically was probably a year ago when I went onto that Google account I never ended up using and I saw some of my porn...

    Needless to say I freaked out (a lot of stuff had gone up) bug it turned out to be private. Still was a pain in the butt to delete.

    • Zeus (edited 3 years ago)

      Well, look at the bright side. Now Google has a really good idea of what you're into, and can really customize those search results. ;)

      • carpenoctem

        hahaha you're right. But, to be even more precise... Google totally already knew.

  • MillenCioran

    I'm so sorry because this is so corny but I came up with this at work recently...

    Why did Google get out of the ship building business?

    The ships kept trying to sink!

    Oh man, again, my apologies, so bad...

  • KrispyDonuts (edited 3 years ago)

    It looks like the photo upload setting is not inside the Photos app. There could be malicious intent behind this but there is a chance that Google just overlooked this issue. In any case, this is not the users' fault since the user would expect the uploading to stop once the app is deleted. Unfortunately I don't see this being fixed anytime soon.

    • Bamischijf

      Yeah, it's in the Google Settings app. Which I guess makes some sense, since that bundles other google settings as well. Still a bit strange.

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