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Published 5 years ago by mtnrg with 4 Comments
  • Tom Holland

    What, is Peter in middle school now... What, is Peter in middle school now...

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  • TheHat2

    Interesting choice to go with a lesser-known actor and director for such a big franchise. Hopefully it pays off.

    Of course, I'm more interested in seeing the new costume than the new Peter Parker. Is that so wrong?

  • drunkenninja (edited 5 years ago)

    I've had about enough spiderman for 20 years. Make something original for once, stop milking it.

  • Tawsix

    Third Peter's the charm?

  • sushmonster

    I think Andrew Garfield was perfect for the role. A third Spiderman within this decade is just lazy. Marvel could have shaken things up in the Amazing series and included Garfield in the next Avengers and taken it from there.

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