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Published 5 years ago by mtnrg with 2 Comments

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  • NinjaKlaus

    I can see why nobody wanted to join a government registry, this is America and you don't do things like that, we've been taught all our lives we are free from things and we have a right to certain items and then suddenly you're told you don't and that doesn't sit well with many people. You end up with one group saying what if they want to come and take them by force and another group saying you need to register to keep me safe...it's a sword in which nobody is going to be happy and everybody is going to hate the Government that put them in the position.

    New York now has a decision on if they want to push this and risk things getting ugly or do they want to ignore it and just listen to the angry rumblings of small groups that want the law enforced. Then you add in the possibility of a lawsuit that sends it to some court here or there that may come out and rule it's against the constitution to have this law.

    Many believe that should push come to shove and the government turn on their citizens that having these registries would allow for easier confiscation and removal of them and their owners before anything actually gets started. We laugh at these people but then again we should stop and think about the fact we laughed at those that believed the government watched and listened to them everywhere they went and we see how that turned out.

  • Tawsix

    When you ask them if the complied with the SAFE Act, they are quick to tell you that many municipalities and county sheriff departments have reported they won’t enforce the SAFE Act in their jurisdictions.

    Risky business, that. Best of luck to them.

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