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Published 3 years ago with 9 Comments

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  • Nerdeiro

    About time. Google+ became so intrusive and obnoxious, I deleted pretty much everything I had on Google with the exception of my e-mail. I was even considering going through the hassle of deleting even the e-mail.

    Now, if only they could stop harrassing me to turn on location on my phone, I may consider using Google Now again.

    • ColonBowel

      I remember when I had an Android. That location thing was soooooo annoying.

    • tankfox

      I actually USE G+ to share links and comments with my friends, and all that integration shit made it really annoying to share videos with anyone. NO, I don't care that someone liked a video I linked to six months ago!!

  • picklefingers

    Wonderful news. Google+ was something that just didn't need to be added to Youtube. Google has had a tendency to take thing that are working on youtube and slightly mess them up and take things that are messed up on youtube and just never fucking fix them.

    • tankfox (edited 3 years ago)

      The G+ community was, and still is, pretty decent, but the community on Youtube continues to be flat out awful. I think google thought that by mixing them together they could make Youtube's community better by importing the G+ people, but really it was more like putting a scoop of ice cream and a scoop of dog shit in the same bowl; it made the whole thing unappetizing.

      "Just eat around the parts you don't like!"

      "What kind of nuts are in the ice cream?" "There aren't any nuts in the ice cream."

      • picklefingers

        I have nothing wrong with G+. I just think that the forced integration was stupid. It fixed nothing and broke more. The youtube comments didn't suck because of the actual functionality. The youtube comments sucked because of the community that is there in the comments.

  • ducky

    Being unable to comment on Youtube was one thing - I could do without that, but not being able to review things on the Google Play store without a G+ account was absolutely ridiculous so I'm glad they're getting rid of that requirement in their products.

  • WhereDidIt

    Holy shit! Finally! I've been getting sick of G+ for a while now.

  • FuckMe

    I'm a bit baffled it took this long. The vocal users were very dissatisfied.

    Personally, I find it fairly baffling that YouTube, while a great platform, has such menial tools for content creators. I'd be more interested in having a little more control over my channel and those who interact on it in a destructive manner than simply knowing somebody's real name.

    Not like the real name thing even worked. There's plenty of ways around it. Most of them fairly simple.

    OH - and the whole creating new accounts and channels, and many people losing all of their hard-earned content and subscribers because of poor documentation on navigating the new ultra-confusing system.

    Good riddance, G+.

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