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Published 7 years ago by mtnrg with 10 Comments

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Conversation 7 comments by 5 users
  • Lyzern

    Well, that thumbnail doesn't give it away at all :P

    • blue2501

      Not to mention the first two words of the article.

      • Lyzern

        Well, it could be other characters like Jon Snow, Sansa/Theon, Daenerys (:p)

    • oystein

      Spoiled by a thumbnail. Snapzu is being an asshole :-D

      • Katherine

        You can pick your own thumbnail for a snap, so...

        • oystein

          So OP is the asshole here? :-( Poor guy/gal.

    • mtnrg

      Lol, I didn't catch that

  • snakemanzx

    In my opinion, Jon Snow can't be killed off. He has clearly been the authors favorite throughout the series, and has arguably, the most complex back story with a lot of unanswered questions surrounding his mother and the legacy of House Stark.

    Admittedly the TV series and the Book are taking very different arks towards the end, but I think both will end up in the same place

    • Sygerrik

      Even though this article deals with Stannis, I agree with you. The very fact that the show runners got permission from GRRM to do the show was because they supposedly knew who Jon's parents are makes it a big deal. If they just kill him off, it doesn't make much sense.

      i don't know about him being GRRM's favorite, though. I think he has the softest spot in his heart for Tyrion.

  • Holymanta

    Major spoilers in the subtitle too

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