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Published 5 years ago by mtnrg with 5 Comments

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  • Vind

    This is good, right?

    • distant

      Yes but another one will replace him and it's back to square one.

      • fred

        I was going to say. I thought Al-Baghdadi was still alive. He was reported dead and then alive several times, i lost track.

  • folkrav

    I'm always half-empty about that kind of news. Yeah, they will be somehow disorganized for some time, but now they have even more reasons to hate the "Evil East". Unless you dismantle their entire command line and supply chain, I doubt getting rid of these kind of extremists is that easy...

  • eikonoklastes

    What a waste. The idiots in that region fight and fight and fight. Generation after generation gets either scarred to the point where they just want to kill the "others," or indoctrinated so far they believe to know dying in war is the best thing ever. And everything in between.

    Just imagine that... the western world is landing probes on comets and preparing for colonization of other planets, while the majority of their guys over there sits in clay huts and sells child slaves to each other in between killing and torturing the local population.

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