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Published 8 years ago by microfracture with 10 Comments

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  • FamousFellah

    Unfortunately, for school and probably my future job, I'm forced to use ArcGIS. It only runs on Windows and for some reason certain parts of the GUI are made of locally-hosted web pages with ActiveX controls that use the system's Internet Explorer settings even though the task manager shows no instances of IE running. Even the "Ubuntu server" edition requires Wine. That mess isn't moving to Linux any time soon.

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  • b1ackbird

    Advertising companies are surely licking their chops over Windows 10's new privacy policy, which asserts the privilege to sell almost any information it wants about users, even creating a unique advertising ID for each user to sweeten the deal.

    I find this all too oppressive. Sure its 'where things are going' but maybe this is a good chance for people to step away from that mentality. More people should watch Idiocracy. Sure its funny- but its alarming how every day we're getting closer and closer to that TV stream. Soon enough we'll all be 'baitin', and little else.

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