• kxh

    I hate the idea of phones not having headphone jacks. I hate it. I don't buy them.

    But that said, the USB-C connectors are excellent. I think the Mac laptops with only one USB-C connector was bad design. What's wrong with two? My Mac with 4 USB-C connectors is fine. Gradually new adaptors and cables are coming out. My Mac and Android phone talk to each other with a simple USB-C - USB-C cable.

    This is similar to when the first Mac came out with USB. No-one else had USB. At the time, Macs had ADB and PCs had PS/2. ADB went away pretty quickly. There were no dongles or adaptors between ADB and USB. Lots of ADB keyboards and mice got ditched. USB gradually moved into PCs. It took a long time for PCs with no PS/2 connectors, just USB. This is all just a matter of time.

    • StarFlower

      Yeah me too about the headphone jacks. Instead, mac users are forced to wear these giant things inside their ears with bits sticking out that look like Q-tips. Maybe some people like that look, but it's definitely not for me!