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  • NotWearingPants

    r/The_Donald was the very first sub that was quarantined. This was done to keep that sub's posts from filling the front page. Funny that it's "official" sub count never went over 800K, and the number online at any time never went over about 14K. Those numbers, as well as upvote totals were obviously "adjusted" several times. thedonald. win was ready to go when they replaced the mods with ones more "acceptable" to the admins, and it's traffic count indicates >2.5 million users daily.

    Quite an epic takedown.

    Since then, they shadowban anything with the word "turk" in it, anything even slightly critical of China (see what $150 million buys), or anything negative (even factual, if it might rustle anybodies jimmies) about any chosen "victim" group. The whole site is a dumpster fire, and the main reason I am here. I found it on /redditalternatives.

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