• desertjedi85

    What is the best alternate to high speed chases? Obviously things like spike strips do work but only if you know exactly where the person is going so in a big city that definitely wouldn't work. Also obviously the more you chase someone the more they are going to try to run.

    • skolor

      In the article they talk about what I think is the best option, essentially a Batman style toy: a GPS tracker that can be fired at a car. I'm not sure the model they describe is the best option, but helicopter + fireable GPS tracker seems like about as good of an alternative as you're going to get.

      On the other end of the spectrum, a lot of the surveillance "stuff" like the Stingray trackers could also help with this.

    • dmt

      The spikes are still very dangerous though. You have to be very precise with them timing wise, or else it'll hit innocent cars, or the car being chased might see it coming and evade it. Additionally, if they see the cop ahead of them and they have enough control of their car, they can swerve to hit the cop. That's the main downfall I've heard with these, anyway.