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What to Know About Subdivision Homes

Are you trying to decide whether to buy a home in a neighborhood or an isolated country road setting? There are going to be pros and cons to each type of location. Trying to decide often boils down to what kind of lifestyle you prefer to lead.

  • Things to Consider With Subdivision Houses

    Living in a Subdivision can be a great experience for some home buyers. Living in a Subdivision can be a great experience for some home buyers.
  • Subdivision vs Non Subdivision Setting

    When you start looking at homes one of the first questions you can expect from a real estate agent is the type of setting you are looking for. Do you want a neighborhood? How about a country road setting? Will you consider living on a busy road? Real Estate agents don't want to waste your time or theirs so it helps to know what you're looking for right from the get go.

    Buying a home in a subdivision is going to be a lot different than purchasing a house on a double line main road. Even living on a country road will be much different than when living in a subdivision type neighborhood.

    For the most part, subdivisions tend to attract more families. The thinking is almost always that a subdivision will be a better setting for kids. Children will be able to easily meet other kids living in the neighborhood. They will have a place to play and ride their bikes. Socially it will be a much more enjoyable experience.

    As a buyer, however, there are quite a few things to consider when purchasing into a subdivision. One of the most essential is whether the neighborhood is run by a homeowners association or not. If so, you will need to find out all of the rules and regulations. If you have never lived within an HOA, you could quickly discover that it is not what you were looking for.

    When you have never been asked to follow rules it can be a truly disappointing experience. Living in a non HOA setting you don't have to conform to what others want you to do. Sometimes the rules can be overreaching and not make sense. As a buyer, you need to be vigilant in doing your due diligence before making a purchase commitment.

    Subdivision settings can certainly be popular but they are not going to be for everyone. The article reference at Maximum Real Estate Exposure really takes a deep dive into all of the things you should research before buying in. A subdivision setting could end up being the perfect choice but also could become a nightmare as well.

    The article really does a comprehensive job explaining the pros and cons of subdivision homes. Take a look and if there are any unanswered questions, you could certainly reach out to get them answered. If you are starting your home search now do some careful thinking before you commit to one setting or another.

    Subdivision homes do tend to appreciate faster so if you do get moved out of the area, you will probably have an easier time selling than a non neighborhood setting. The reason for this is simple economics - there are more buyers who prefer a subdivision setting than any other type of location.

    New construction in a neighborhood is even more popular. If you are considering a new build just make sure you do extra due diligence of the builder and their construction quality.

    Buying a home is a long term decision you don't want to make a mistake with. Your happiness will depend on it.


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