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What to Know About Credit Scores

Whether you are going to purchase a home, a car, or some other large purchase, your credit score can have an incredible impact of the terms and conditions you receive from a lender.

  • Working on Trying to Get a Max Credit Score

    Are you planning on purchasing your first home in the next couple of years? If you have aspirations of becoming a first time home buyer it is essential to start working on your credit years in advance. It will take a while to improve your scores. Fortunately, having the time is great and worth your time.

    Those borrowers who have a good credit score will get more favorable treatment from lenders. It doesn't matter if you are buying a home or a car, the interest rate will be better when your credit score is outstanding. Do you need a max credit score? No you do not. The maximum credit score you can achieve is 850 but you will be perfectly fine in you're able to get your score up over 700. This will be the threshold where you will start to see better offers from lenders.

    Lots of people wonder where a credit score comes from and how it is figured out. You should know that there are two companies that control credit scores in the USA. They are FICO scores and VantageScore. Different lenders use each of these companies. This is one of the reasons why credit scoring can vary. The three credit bureaus will also get different information from consumers at various points in time. This can also have an impact of the credit score.

    Improving a credit score is not that challenging, however, it does take some discipline. Unfortunately, when it comes to how credit scores are influenced both positively and negatively there are misconceptions. It is essential to know about these things and they can be detrimental to your score when you make the wrong decisions.

    In the article at Maximum Real Estate Exposure, you will see one of the most comprehensive online resources that explains everything you need to know about credit scores. If you are going to be buying a home it will be well worth your time reading it. The article shows you exactly what to do to increase your credit score.

    There are numerous tips and advice on key aspects of credit scoring that consumers should understand. If you need a bit of help with credit decisions, you'll also hear about a free helpful credit improvement service called Credit Karma.

    Take a look and if you enjoy the credit score advice, please pass it along to any friends or family members that could use the credit boost assistance.

  • What is a Good Credit Score

    See an explanation of both  a good credit score and a max credit score. See an explanation of both a good credit score and a max credit score.

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