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What Is The Definition of an En Suite Bedroom

Have you heard the term en suite bedroom or bathroom and wondered what the heck it meant? You are not alone as many people have no idea what en suite means. We will take a deep dive so you know the exact meaning of an en suite bedroom and bath.

  • What Does Ensuite Mean?

    Do you know the meaning of En Suite? Do you know the meaning of En Suite?
  • The Definition of En Suite

    Being in real estate sales there are quite a few terms that get batted around by Realtors that we all think consumers know the meaning. Once such term is "en suite". If you look at enough real estate listings, you will quickly realize an en suite is important terminology to know when buying or selling a home.

    So, what is an en suite and why should you care? Maximum Real Estate Exposure has an outstanding resource covering everything you need to know about en suite bedrooms and baths but we are going to give you an explanation here as well.

    An en suite bedroom or bath is quite simply a description of a bedroom to which a bath is connected to. So any bedroom that contains a bath room is referred to as an en suite room. The most common room that is considered an en suite is the master bedroom as long as it has a bath.

    In real estate this is commonly referred to as a master suite. Buyers and sellers should understand that having en suite bedrooms/baths is critical when selling a home. This is the case because it is such a popular amenity with most people. Homes that are in certain price points will suffer when they do not contain at least one en suite bathroom.

    For example, if you are selling a $500,000 home and every other property at the price point has an en suite bath and yours does not, you will probably suffer for it. Not only will your home be harder to sell but will also sell for less money, all other things being equal.

    Homes that fall into the luxury category usually have multiple en suite bedrooms/baths so the same thing can occur as far as a ding in market value if they are not present.

    Without question have an en suite bath in your home makes things far more convenient. You do not have to travel down a dark hall in the middle of the night when you need to go to the bathroom.

    There are many other things you should know about an en suite room. Take a look at the resource above to know everything about the subject. If you have any questions feel free to reach out, as I would be happy to answer them for you.


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