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  • Steps to Creating a Purpose for Every Room

    Start With the Ceiling

    Decorative ceiling details are a minimal expense that can dramatically change the look and feel of a space.  Ceiling tiles, planks, or even a faux treatment with paint textures and stencils will add interest and definition, while in some cases actually causing the space to appear larger.  A homeowner can add intimacy to a room by installing a coffered ceiling and using a contrasting paint color will help your great idea really stand out!

    Flooring Can Define a Space

    It can be quite easy to define certain spaces, like a social area from a dining area with the use of the initial flooring, then adding area rugs.  In many new homes, builders have used hardwood angled in different directions to denote different living spaces.  Inlaid borders and designs in the wood will also help to separate an open floor plan.  Combined with the placement of your furniture, area rugs will help to anchor a space by clearly defining it.

    Focus on Lighting

    How you add lighting to a room can greatly help, or hurt, the way a home will show to potential buyers.  For example, the third bedroom may be set up to show as a home office, but without the proper lighting, the function is less important.  While creating a flow from space to space, keep these tips in mind: Subdued lighting creates an intimate reading area, while bright lights can highlight a hub of activity at the kitchen island.  Dimmer switches can be a perfect addition to your lighting efforts, as they allow you to guide people to one area and away from another.

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    Create Spaces Within Spaces

    Room dividers, pocket doors, and decorative screens are simple and low-cost ways to create spaces within spaces.  A modern take on a simple room divider are contemporary panels that can be hung anywhere in the home by a simple cable system.  Another way to separate a space from the open feeling of “what would I do with this space” is to add open shelving.  These are great because you are not actually closing off an area, or making it smaller, you are simply adding a defined purpose to a certain area.  Multidimensional wall decor items are also a great way to draw attention to a certain area, while adding a focal point to the room.

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    Paying attention to even the smallest of details will help give you a leg up on the competition.  Making sure each space in your home has a clear purpose and function will help your home appeal the largest number of potential buyers, as they will be able to picture their own belongings in place of your own, making the transition that much easier for the new homeowners.

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