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Renting a PODS When Selling a Home

Are you going to be selling your home and need a place to store some of your excess possessions? Maybe your home is far too cluttered and you want to make it look better?

  • Getting a PODS For Your Home

    If you speak to any real estate agent before putting your home on the market, the vast majority of them will speak to the importance of having a de-cluttered home. The buyer should be able to see each of the rooms in your house unfettered by an enormous amount of clutter.

    For many homeowners this means either renting a storage unit or getting a PODS for their home. Each of these is an excellent option for getting rid of things that will make it harder for a buyer to picture the space in your home. Renting a PODS is the perfect solution because you will be able to access all of your things right from your property.

    When renting a PODS, however, there is a lot to know. You will need to spend the time researching the size of the PODS you will need as they come in multiple sizes. There are in fact numerous questions that will need to be asked when renting a PODS.

    In the article at Maximum Real Estate Exposure you will see numerous questions that should be asked along with the answers. After looking over all of the information you could decide that renting a storage unit might be a better option.

    It is worth noting that PODS is not the only storage company. There are quite a few other reputable companies as well. Some of them include:

    • U-Pack
    • U-Haul
    • United Mayflower
    • 1-800-Pack-Rat

    Each of these onsite storage companies has an excellent reputation.

    In the resource, there is also a helpful video as well that you may enjoy. Take a look and if you feel the article could be a help to those who will be moving, please pass it on.

  • Renting a PODS Moving Container

    What to know about renting a PODS Storage container What to know about renting a PODS Storage container

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