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Don't Make One of These Home Pricing Mistakes

See what you don't want to do when it comes to pricing your home for sale. The article at RIS Media gives sound advice on pricing your home accurately from the start.

  • Pricing Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

    House Pricing Mistakes Not to Make

    When you are selling a home there are not many more important things you can do than pricing your home accurately. Everyday when I log onto my computer as a real estate agent I see countless price reductions on homes in my area. What this says is one thing - the home was priced incorrectly.

    When homeowners price their home properly from day one they are in the drivers seat. As soon as price reductions start taking place you lose your edge in the market. Frankly, the reason why so many sellers get their price wrong is they don't understand that you don't need a pricing cushion.

    For example, if the market data says your home is worth $500,000 that doesn't mean you should price it at $525,000. No you don't need twenty-five thousand in negotiating room! That is dumb. In the article at RIS Media see some of the most common home pricing mistakes to avoid. To price your home accurately you need to treat your home sale as a business transaction. The minute you let your emotions take over you'll start to make bad decisions.

    Another common thing that happens in real estate sales is choosing an agent because they agree to your asking price. Think about that for a moment. Instead of relying on a pro to price your home, you're telling the pro what it should be priced at. A recipe for disaster.

    What kind of agent do you think let's that happen. A weak one! Take a look at the home pricing tips in the article. If you follow sound pricing advice your home will sell quickly for top dollar. It really is that simple.

  • House Pricing Mistakes That Need to Be Avoided


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