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[Survey] Alcohol and Demographics

I created a survey to help me better understand my target audience for a "hypothetical" mobile app I'm creating. This data is research for a case study for my portfolio. It's a quick 10 question survey and I hope you'll help me out and take it!

  • Hey, everyone! I created a survey to gauge how many people drink and to analyze that with their demographics. I'm doing this because I'm building up my UX portfolio and I am creating a hypothetical app that lets users "create, discover, and share the cocktails that they love". The survey is to help understand who exactly my target market is for this app, and in turn will help facilitate design decisions, features, etc. down the line.

    Like I said, I'm not actually building the app. Trust me, I wish I could, but that's a lot of programming to know and my interests lie elsewhere!

    It's a quick 10 question survey and I would be ecstatic if you could help me out by taking it. It shouldn't take long at all.

    Here's the link: Alcohol and Demographics

    Thank you everyone! I appreciate it :)


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