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Published 7 years ago by massani with 5 Comments

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  • the7egend

    Just what we need, instead of two smaller gangs one giant gang collaborating together. Genius.

    • massani

      I don't think gang members would actually wear them. If they do, then I certainly hope they don't get shot because of them. It's a cool concept, but I can see regular sneakerheads and fans of Kendrick Lamar to buy them. I know I would.

  • carpenoctem

    Whilst I like the idea of promoting unity, I get the feeling if you wore these sneakers you wouldn't be welcome in either Blood or Crips territory. Having said that, you'll all probably be laughing at me when it turns out these sneakers manage to end decades of violence and tribalism.

    On the sneakers themselves, I love K-Dot, but I just can't see how those sneakers look any of fashionable, hip, or gangster. They'd probably make a decent running shoe, but I just don't get the feeling that's the ideal demographic they should be aiming for here... Good Kid B.A.A.D. marketing strategy.

    • ReverendEntity

      My concern is that kids get shot for these, which would negate Lamar's plan. Also, white is much easier to visibly mar - "EY YO MANG YOU SCUFFED MY SHOE".

      But he definitely gets points for effort.

    • massani

      Yeah, the off white dadcore feel to them, makes me feel like they could be popular in a sort of hipster demographic maybe. Definitely not people in the ghetto.

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