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Published 4 years ago with 17 Comments

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  • Kysol

    Just want to point out this. It was going to happen.

  • Qukatt

    great move, now if only game devs would stop making games in Java...

    • Fuyu

      There's hope. Minecraft is getting a non-Java version.

      • Qukatt

        Yup we are buying the windows 10 beta asap :) my boys are going to flip out with excitement when they find out.

      • caelreth

        That's the best news for my son - and he doesn't even know it :)

  • FrootLoops

    They already switched their chat to html5 / Javascript a couple of weeks back. Great move.

  • GeniusIComeAnon

    Yay! It's about time, especially considering all that's been going on. Seems flash is going to slowly deteriorate away now.

  • ducky

    This is absolutely lovely! Twitch is one of the last things that's keeping Flash installed on my computer and I can't wait to see it go.

  • Matime

    This won't help with the buffering issues though will it? Either way I think it's a great move

  • CuppaMatt

    That's a fantastic move and a long time coming to be honest!

  • WizShotTheFood

    Good. Maybe now I can watch stuff without having to fire up Livestreamer every time I don't want to deal with absurdly high CPU/memory usage in order to watch hilariously buggy wrestling matches between Octodad and Johnny Cage.

  • jlitwinka

    Good. It has been a long time comic.

  • racerxonclar

    This makes me really wonder if they've finally found a solution to the encoding problems. Last time a switch to HTML5 was mentioned, it was always stated that it wasn't a feasible change because the live encoding was way too slow. Stream delays would be almost a minute minimum.

    So I don't know if there's been a breakthrough, or if that con has finally been outweighed by the pros *shrugs*

  • microfracture

    This is great news. I really hope that all the other websites take notice and quickly follow suit to ditch Flash as well.

  • rataerix

    Good, as a Linux user I really want to ditch flash entirely, I just might be able to now.

  • Aaron215

    Just a note: In the future please link the actual source if possible! Someone already did it for you in the related links section.

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