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Published 3 years ago with 7 Comments

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  • namo

    2 up and 2 down votes? Snapzu really needs to do something about that downvote button before it's just the same fucking hivemind here too.

    • drunkenninja (edited 3 years ago)

      Greetings /u/namo, we are working towards an improved voting system, we would however appreciate if the down votes weren't being rage called out in such a way, it only brings attention to improper down voting and increases the likelihood of more down votes. I will personally announce the upcoming solution in our /t/blog tribe sometime this week, so please everyone, lets contain our anger with down votes until then.

      • namo

        Sorry about the outburst. I just find it frustrating that a controversial topic would draw 50/50 up/down ratio, when those topics are in a way the only ones worth discussing. But it's looking much better now.

        I completely missed that Snap, I wouldn't have mentioned the votes if I hadn't. I feel like such a slowpoke. Thanks for linking it.

  • nelkyle

    This should probably be marked NSFW.

    • Cheski

      It should be. Wonder if it'll be changed.

  • Fuyu

    Maybe it's an ignorant standpoint, but when it comes to female gamers, I've always drawn the line at if they call themselves a "gamer girl." Same with "gaymers." If you have to give yourself a special label, I don't respect you as a gamer. At that point, you're just trying to stand out.

    Also, I've always hated that "almost half of gamers are women" statistic, because most of those women are playing mobile games. I'm oldfashion and maybe a bit elitist, so simple games like that don't make you a gamer to me. It's like how playing Monopoly does not mean you are into tabletop games (I'm not sure if there's a word for that).

    • namo

      Monopoly is a horrible game. It's competitive to the point where only one player has any fun. More people would play board games if monopoly wasn't the first thing they think of. But it's just that, a horrible, horrible game.

      There are a lot of fun board games that have a easy rules, fun theme, don't last too long, and everyone has fun. But I think those are the board game equivalent of casual mobile games. And they're great, because you can get people who think they hate games to play games. Maybe they someday look for something more complex, maybe not.

      Of course there are great complex board games, but you're not going to enjoy a quick Advanced Squad Leader evening game with your family with it's 5kg manual and thousands of little cardboard squares. People you play those games with are usually people you met through those games.

      It used to be nerdy to play games, and people didn't want anything to do with us. Now people have games they enjoy, and we don't want anything to do with them. I wouldn't want to go back to the times where gaming was more a disease and addiction than a hobby.

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