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Published 6 years ago by mariogi with 6 Comments
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  • Chubros

    Any good?

    • drunkenninja (edited 6 years ago)

      I had a chance to try this game out for a few days when a friend loaned me his Xbox... Its a lot of fun when playing in multiplayer, there is no single player here and the only hint of any story is from the level by level progression you make as you play in multiplayer. Game play is great, lots of great weapons and the titans are a unique touch, but it gets old quick and before the weekend was up I had already grown tired of the game. Definitely not worth the original 60 dollar price tag.

    • mariogi

      Good if you enjoy multiplayer.

  • rhingo

    Finally a price I can agree with. Snatching this now.

    • timex

      This is why PC gaming is and will always be superior. Good luck finding it for 10 bux on a console.

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