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  • wolfeater (edited 4 years ago)

    But this tale of drama is kinda ridiculous, not gonna lie.

    I agree though that the treatment of Pao is unacceptable however. No matter if she did anything horrible to the site, death threats and personal harassment are unacceptable.

    • Teska

      Yeah, at this point it's worse than a Days of Our Lives episode level drama.

      I just can't imagine getting to that point. Like, I can count on two fingers the number of people in my entire life I've actually wished physical harm upon. Not even death, but maiming possibly. Those are people I know in my life, not on a computer screen. And to get that angry over someone who truly has no idea who you are beyond some pixels on a screen (if they even know that much) is just baffling.

      • wolfeater

        This is what happens when people with very little experience with how the real world works are given a direct line to anyone they don't like.

        99% of the people who sent those messages probably would never do anything and are just idiots overstating their ridiculously blown out of proportion rage. However, since there is no way of separating the cruel but harmless jackasses from the actual threats, all of those now have to be taken seriously.

        I just hope our future generations understand better how to respect each other through the web, as it is an amazing tool that has far better purposes than this.

        • Teska

          The future of the internet is so very unclear for just this reason - the people who feel a brazen sense of anger for things and people that are so far beyond their control. It is both a boon and a burden for sure. Even when I was new to the internet (hello 1994), I never go to the point where I felt that bloated sense of self-importance over others on the internet. If anything, I keep feeling smaller and almost struggle to have my voice heard.