• PR0PH37

    Actually... This makes a great deal of sense. Around 2011 I was constantly surrounded by a culture of hyper-cute / kawaii anime fans (was for where I work) -- It actually illicit in me this very aggressive, destructive streak. Most people don't realize that the Japanese Anime Culture is a response to the hyper-rigid Japanese Work Culture, and so it is a release for them. For American's, we don't have that hyper-rigid culture, so by surrounding ourselves with that hyper-cuteness it would make sense that the exact opposite would occur; i.e. becoming more aggressive, violent, divisive, etc. I would almost go so far as to say that we see that in the modality of those who engage in identity politics where a great many of them act in a state of perpetual cos-play and have become very aggressive against establishments. But you saw it in all these so-called "movements", where a large majority of people at 30 years old were still wearing the cartoon t-shirt, watching the same cartoon tropes etc. The study however, is not without it's confounds. I'm not sure how I feel about collecting data over an amazon survey (I actually read the journal). Still... there is an observable phenomena I think, having personally experienced something similar. My own persona bias of course!