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Published 3 years ago with 6 Comments

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  • dmt

    I think if smartwatches are to survive and become a thing they need to figure out their place in the tech world for the average user, and introduce something new and useful/convenient. Until I can see a reason to own a smartwatch that doesn't revolve around the "oo, shiney" gadgety trinket factor, I'll stick to my regular watch or nothing at all.

    The Oatmeal had a fairly decent (albeit short) writeup about the Apple Watch: http://theoatmeal.com/blog/apple_watch -- Seems to confirm how I've felt about it, and all smart watches.

  • Jello

    I like to think of smartwatches in the same way I think of 3D technology. 3D is cool, but it is too gimmicky. In the same way that people thought everything was going towards 3D five years ago, everyone is thinking people will start wearing smartwatches now. Wearable tech certainly does have a future but I just don't think it is right now.

  • the7egend

    You can find a lot of used ones on eBay as well, I just don't think it was ready, it could have used another year of R&D and waited till battery life was good enough and display tech for the watch was a little better. They had to release it just to compete with all the other watches though so they could establish a mindshare. I also think a lot of people are holding out to see what the upgrade cycle is going to be, I know I'm in that particular group, if it's a yearly refresh then I might not want to jump on board, or if they are able to replace internals for refreshes, etc. Anyone who has spent anytime with Apple products know that V2 is always the one to buy.

  • HangedCole

    I think they were too excited over some innovation as a smartwatch. The battery's been a huge problem for almost every smartwatch, except for probably e-ink-based smartwatches like Pebble Watch. The battery's at a glacial pace for years now; they should've at least improved their watch to last days.

    • Agent37x

      It does become problematic when I have to charge my LG watch in the middle of the day, especially considering that it takes much longer to charge than my phone itself.

      I'm pretty unimpressed with smart watches, and I'm extra unimpressed with Apple's version, which somehow managed to do less.

      • HangedCole

        I feel that Apple Watch is going for the image they're top-tier in terms of social hierarchy of monetary wealth. So, if you use Apple Watch, you're just one of those people with money. If they intended it to be truly viable, then they would've at least aimed for improving the battery technology or at least work around it (e.g. e-ink).

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