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Published 9 months ago by kxh with 4 Comments

The weirdness of youtube's algorithm

So, do thousands of fundamentalists watch plate tectonics videos and then want to listen to hymns? WTF?


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  • Gozzin

    It is weird. Some of the nonsense dumped in my feed is truly astounding. However,sometimes they send a gem,like the first season of Paramount+ Strange New Worlds,which I got to watch for free.

  • AlicaaWind

    Ugh, YouTube's algorithm can be so annoying sometimes. It's like it doesn't even know what I want to watch!

    • WillSerna (edited 2 days ago)

      YouTube's algorithm can be a real headache, always trying to guess what we want to watch. And you know those casino backlinks? They're like unexpected guests that just keep popping up online. Not exactly what we're looking for, but somehow they manage to find their way into our feed.

      • AlicaaWind

        Oh, I totally get you! It's like they just keep finding their way in, right? But hold on, what's the deal with these casino backlinks? Are they as annoying as they sound?

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