• Gozzin (edited 2 months ago)

    All well and good,but how much would this cost? I just don't see this as being worth my bother since I can go to GI any old time I need help. No matter how fancy this is,what's wrong with my gi tract cannot be repaired,so I have better things to do with my money than to throw it at this.

    a toilet that does more than flush excreta ā€œis available to every household

    This ain't happening. Telling people with IBS like mine ,to say:"Eat more fiber" is never a good idea since it does not work. One size does not fit all with "suggestions." I can figure out the below without some overpriced computer telling me what to do.

    At some point, she thinks, a smart toilet could make lifestyle suggestions ā€“ it could tell you to eat more fibre or certain nutrients, for instance, or work out what kind of food triggered an uncomfortable gastric episode.

    how much fat you had in your diet,

    Fat does not matter,it's sugar that matters. When will this fat phobia up and die?! Thanks Ancle Keys...