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Published 6 years ago by kxh with 1 Comments
  • This is the first book of Anne Bishop's Black Jewels series.

    I came across this series by serendipitous accident at my local library. It's a delight. Somehow Anne Bishop turns everything around. Satan is the hero, darkness is holy. You may not appreciate this if you're a Christian, on the other hand isn't it the heart not the external forms or names that makes the story?

    I have read this series twice which is very rare for me. Anne Bishop has written a bunch of stories in her Dark Jewels worlds. All of them very readable. Read the first three first though.


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  • spaceghoti

    My wife and I came across this series several years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. The rules established in the way the world works are written imaginatively and consistently. The characters have excellent depth and are largely relatable. I finished the series wanting more, which is always a mark of good writing.

    Unfortunately, I discovered that subsequent books follow the same rigid formula. The core problems are largely the same, the personalities and reactions vary little, only the names and circumstances change. So it's sad to say once you've read one series you already know how every other series is going to progress and resolve.

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