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Published 2 months ago by kxh with 4 Comments

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  • kxh

    We are still using leaded fuel? Why?

    • NotWearingPants

      No, we are not. This was one study, at one airport that found an association, not a cause.

      Here is a [pdf from the CDC] (https://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/ToxProfiles/tp121-c2.pdf) of what we know about JP-5, JP-8 (US military) and Jet A (Commercial). There may be some neurological effects from repeated high exposure, but there is no lead in jet fuels. Fuels are kerosene based with various additives, but lead isn't one of them.

      A much larger issue is that any aircraft type at any airport in the last 60 years that had a fire, was put out by foam suppression. That foam leaked into groundwater and is toxic. Camp Lejune is so bad that the people on base are told not to drink tap water.

      BTW, newscientist is a sensationalist site.

      • kxh

        I assumed it was small planes with piston engines that used gasolene rather than jet fuel.

        • NotWearingPants

          Didn't think about small craft. Yes, avgas has lead in it.

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