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Published 9 months ago with 3 Comments

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  • leweb

    But banks are making money! Who needs students when the rich are getting richer?

    • Gozzin

      So true...Every college needs to have a plasma bank and pay the students lunch money for plasma. A stool bank would be good too.

  • ttubravesrock

    hmm... I'm an adult out of college and making enough money to not be considered poor and my answers to some of these questions could make it seem like i'm having trouble making it.

    Have you gone an entire day without eating in the past month? possibly, but maybe it's been more than a month

    Have you skipped meals in the past month? multiple times, at least twice a week!

    Have you slept in a place not intended for housing? does spending the night in my car because I don't want to get a hotel room count?

    Have you not known from one day to the next where you would sleep? I got back from vacation and was snowed OUT of my house. I couldn't get any rental equipment out there, and the contractor quotes that I got were the same as 4 months of mortgage payments, so I spent a week not knowing where I would sleep until I found a friend who happens to have an empty yurt because she got married and moved in with her husband. So yes.

    Not to downplay what a lot of students are going through, but the questions presented in this article are VERY biased towards positive answers. I don't know what the entire survey looks like. Only the questions in the article.

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