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    Royal Island Resort - Pulau Kelapa | PULAU SERIBU

    Paket Royal Island Resort yang terletak di Pulau Kelapa di sebut sebagai kampung sunset. Wisata Pulau Seribu yang terdapat pohon mangrove. Dapatkan Paketnya

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    Pulau Putri Resort Kepulauan Seribu Island

    Pulau Putri Island travel has Undersea Tunnel Aquarium, Water boom, Glass Bottom Boat which is in the interest of the foreign and local tourists. Snorkeling and scuba diving is also very in love tourists with snorkeling and diving tourists can see corals which are so beautiful with its large size and also small. Pulau Putri Island Kepulauan Seribu many have updated facilities and cottage, Water Island Princess has been felt freshwater because the island has distilling fresh water so that the wat...

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    a thousand islands have coral reefs that are still good, try on island reefs resortnya terlhat still nice and well maintained.

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