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Published 8 years ago by jcscher with 8 Comments
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  • madjo

    This year has sucked so far.

  • canuck

    Lemmy, David Bowie and now Glenn Frey. All in a couple weeks. RIP guys and thanks for all your music.

  • FivesandSevens (edited 8 years ago)

    So sad. I was just talking with some friends about bracing ourselves for the upcoming gauntlet of baby boomer rock star deaths. It's only gonna get worse over the next decade or so. There's a lot of them. :-(

  • CrookedTale

    I need to up my game for 70's music. We aint getting any younger. All of the Eagles members had great musical and song writing careers.

  • SMcIntyre

    This is seriously getting out of hand.

  • lostwonder

    More bad news: Gary Lozzio gone. Also see my most recent video post.

  • Appaloosa

    Before it is off the front page. To those who have played in bands, or wanted to or never did, Glenn made a sound in our lives that will be heard , like him, well after us. The sound of balance. Titans coming together in harmony.

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