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  • Fuyu

    Honest question, how many guns were in circulation in Australia before the gun laws were passed? The article says clearly that 5% of the world Population has ~50% of the world gun-owners. People like to use Australia as a test case, but if you look at guns like a virus, yes, they were able to stamp out a small village outbreak, but how can those same methods stop a full blown plague? It's far easier to stop something small than it is to stop something this big.

    • moe

      At the time, somewhere around 3.2 million guns were in circulation, indicating that ~1/3 of firearms in stock were confiscated/destroyed. To achieve this in America, around 90 million firearms would have to be seized if the ~270 million firearm estimate is to be believed.

      If you take the 3.2M firearm estimate and the 1996 Census data indicating a population of ~18.3M, you end up with around 7 guns per 40 Australians; the American population as of 4 July 2015 was ~320,000,000, and using the 8-year-old firearm data, you'd end up with about 84 guns per 100 Americans. That would put the current American gun per capita rate at ~480% of Australia's at the time of its gun confiscation ("mandatory buyback") program.

    • BlankWindow
      @moe -

      Seems like current estimations of guns are at 300 million, according to MAIG and NRA. Trying to get firearms out of the US is a fools errand.

    • Fuyu
      @moe -

      Wow thank you for such an in-depth answer and research!