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Published 5 years ago by jayrunham with 3 Comments

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  • Zeus

    Mama (and the original short) had very solid creature effects, but fell short in terms of story and characters, the movie lost too much momentum by the end.

    Considering It is relatively light on SFX, and really heavy on character interactions, I'm just not sure the guy is right for the job.

    • jayrunham

      They really should have ran this by the god of sky and thunder and the ruler of the Olympians of Mount Olympus before making this decision... I guess there's still time as he hasn't quite signed the contract yet. Hopefully you can scrawl something into the Hollywood sign with your lighting before they finish negotiations.

      • Zeus (edited 5 years ago)

        <ahem> Well, now that you've put me on the spot...

        We'd need:

        * A proven horror director
        * Who's good with dialogue
        * And gets along well with thundergods...

        Joss Whedon?

        Er, I mean, LET IT BE JOSS WHEDON!

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